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Related post: Date: Sun, 17 May 2009 22:48:26 -0700 (PDT) From: Brian Stillwell Subject: Pussyboy Frat- Chapter 4Disclaimer: The following is an original work of fiction that contains graphic depictions of sexual activities and erotic abuse between males. Please leave now if you are offended by such material, or if you are under the age russian lolita web sites of 18, or if you live in a community where viewing or possessing adult material is illegal. Any resemblance to any individual, living or dead, is purely coincidental. All characters depicted herein are 18 years old or older.All rights are reserved by the author. Please download for personal use only. This story may not be posted to any other websites without the explicit permission of the author.Comments, feedback and suggestions welcome at After breakfast the following morning, Karl stood and announced that physicals for the new class of pledges would take place after lunch. After spending the morning by the pool and being introduced to the rest of the brothers and supervisors, the six freshmen were now assembled in the entrance hall, waiting to meet Dr. Tanaka. Jason still hadn't seen Mr. Grayson, and was eager to talk to him and ask some questions. Everyone they had met so far nude latin lolita paradise had been exceedingly friendly, but in the background of their smiles and talk of brotherhood, there was something else, something none of the freshmen had been able to put their finger on. Some questions they asked were left completely unanswered and there were still some areas of the house in which they were not allowed to go. Eric had tried to ask some questions of his big brother Matt at breakfast, but they were deferred with promises that after their initiation ceremony, scheduled for that evening, free nude tiny lolitas things would be more clear. It was like the feeling people get when they suspect that a surprise party was being planned for them, but weren't entirely sure. Everyone was trying to make them comfortable and welcome, although Rodney had mentioned the odd experience of getting up early in the morning and having to take a piss, only to find the door to their room locked from the outside. "Maybe they do young lolita teen amateur not want cp lolita bbs russian us to be wandering around house?"Orochi suggested, although none of them could come up with a plausible reason why that would be the case. After a few minutes of waiting, Karl, Joe and the other freshmen supervisor, Pedro, strode into the entry hall. Pedro had worked at the frat house for over six years, having fled his village in Mexico after the police in his town began to look into reports of that teen males were being lured and sometimes held against their will by a sadomasochistic demon living in a cabin in the hills. His parents were fairly wealthy young lolita nude ******** and had been able to buy him out of trouble for a number of years, but this only enabled and enflamed his vices. His pathological desire to lolitas underage cartoons free inflict pain and humiliation on younger men made him one of the most dreaded supervisors among the frat brothers, and many of the upper classmen felt a strong sense of pity for the incoming class. From a mental perspective, Pedro was mildly unstable and could often be heard speaking softly to himself in Spanish and giggling for no apparent reason. Like all of Karl's men, the Latin disciplinarian was physically strong and extremely well built. "Freshmen!!!" Karl boomed, his voice making the pledges jump. "It's time for physicals!" The six students followed their supervisors down a hallway and down a wide, circular stone staircase and into the basement. From there, they entered lolita de young galleries a long hallway seemed to run the length of the house. Karl opened the first door on the left and ushered his charges inside. The room they entered was nondescript. It was nothing more than another short hallway with a closed door at the far end. A table ran along one wall. lolita teen nude artgalleries "All right boys, strip!" "Here?" Kurt asked, looking around. "Right here," Karl confirmed. "Leave your clothes on the table. This is a physical exam, after all." The boys looked tiny lolita nude underage at each other for a few seconds, then Rodney and Eric shrugged and peeled off their shirts. The rest of the boys followed suit, until they were all standing in their underwear. Pedro looked at the student and giggled to himself, quietly muttering something about 'putas' under his breath. Karl shook his head. "I said strip pledges. That means all the way down, bare-assed." After a moment's hesitation ,the young men peeled down their boxers and briefs, adding them to the six plies of clothes. Jason did a quick inventory of his fellow pledges and was silently relieved that he didn't have the smallest penis of the incoming class. That dubious lolitas models almost naked honor went to Orochi. A hot preteen nn lolitas couple of the guys gave their dicks a little post-strip stretch or shake. The naked boys then followed their supervisors in a line through the second door and into the room beyond, which turned out pre teens lolita portal to be was a fully equipped infirmary. Cabinets with frosted-glass doors showed silhouettes of jars, tubes and boxes. A small refrigerator hummed in one corner next to a counter with a small sink. Another counter was neatly organized with boxes of rubber gloves, tubes of ointments and jars of swabs. A back wall was given to a table with microscope and lab equipment. There was even a medical exam table in the center of the room, complete with white paper child dark loli preteen and, oddly enough, stirrups. Jason couldn't fathom what use medical stirrups would be in a frat house. There was also an odd contraption in one corner that looked like the metal frame of some upside-down chair. With florescent lights in the ceiling and beige linoleum on the floor, the room was lola preteen nude model cold and smelled of antiseptic. The pledges were also surprised to see that three other supervisors were waiting for them in the room, waiting to assist with their exams. As the boys stood nervously in a small group, Karl, Joe and Pedro strode over to join the little nude lolitas boys rest of the men. "The doctor will be right in," Karl said over his shoulder. Karl actually knew that the preteen lolitas young nude doctor wouldn't be in for another fifteen minutes, but he and the other supervisors got a kick out of gazing over the naked flesh before them. The first three weeks of the new school year were always their favorite. Turning a bunch of freshmen into sniveling male bitches was always fun. The physical exams gave them the first chance to let their eyes fully wander lustfully over the bodies of their new crop of pledge meat. The boys that had played sports were used to being naked around other guys, and casually stood there with their arms folded across their chests, letting it their dicks waive in the air, while the shyer ones tried to cover their exposed genitals with their hands. All of the class supervisors noticed that both Eric and Orochi were uncut. While the Asian had loose bunches of wrinkled foreskin at the tip of his penis, his organ was, as expected, considerably smaller than the equipment of the Latin ball player. As usual with pussyboys, none of the cocks were anything special, but the asses were promising, with a little work. The boys stood waiting until the door opened and a neat looking Japanese man came in. His black hair was receding to the point that he was largely bald, and he was wearing the requisite lolita nude kids pics white lab coat of a doctor on his slightly overweight frame. He seemed eager to get on with the exams, but also slightly tired as if he'd been doing the same job for a long, long time. In fact, the Tanaka family had a long history of medical practice and research, going back over 200 years in Japan. As a young boy, the doctor had spent hours in rapt attention listening to the stories his grandfather had told of his research projects during the war. Doing what any good doctor lolitas little angels org would do in a time of national conflict, he volunteered for the military and had ended up undertaking 8 yo loli hentai a number of experiments with captured soldiers and civilians, some of which had quite promising results. Tapping into the hidden potential of strong male subjects by modifying their bodies and bending their wills had valid wartime applications. After all, not all soldiers of the Japanese Imperial army preferred female sex slaves, and Tanaka's grandfather was simply working to fill the needs of the military. But the end of the war had also ended his research lines and he'd slipped away quietly into retirement, hiding his notes and formulas away until, on his deathbed, he had passed them on to his grandson to continue and ultimately perfect when he finished medical school. "Boys, I am Dr. Tanaka," he said in perfect English, bowing slightly before the naked teens. "I am responsible for overseeing your physical and mental development. This frat prides itself on the reputation of our lolita bald pussy peeing members and lolicon rape and torture we expect your bodies and minds to adapt and perform. Physically, some of you are further along than others, and some of you," he said, looking pointedly at Jason and Orochi, "need more work. My job is to make sure that your bodies are in the best shape possible to help you live up to your full potential and these examinations are the first step in that process. I look lolita preteen ls magasine forward to working with you. Who's going first?" "I'll go," Eric shrugged, determined to be the leader in all things. "But I should tell you I just had young lolita nn models a physical nine months ago for sports and everything was fine." Dr. Tanaka smiled as Eric stepped forward, knowing that once he'd done young lolita nude thumbs his work up on the alpha male of the group, the others would obediently follow suit. "Excellent," he said, reaching into a drawer. "We'll start with an enema." That stopped Eric in his tracks. "What?" "An enema," the doctor repeated removing extreme lolitas little pussies a clear plastic bottle with a rubber tipped nozzle. "To clean your bowels out." "I know what it is," Eric protested. "It's just I don't want one." "Why not? All incoming students are required to undergo an enema as part of their physical. We need to check your prostate." "That's okay doc, we can just skip that part of the exam, if it's alright." By this time, Karl had wandered over and joined the exchange. "What's the problem pledge?" he asked, his voice full of intimidation. "Nothing," Eric replied, his tone stating to lose its defiant edge. "I just don't want an enema, that's all." "Why not?" Karl demanded. "I just young naked lolita nymphet don't, okay?" Karl didn't say anything. He didn't move. All of the other boys watched as the huge muscle lolita 12yo free pics man as he just stared at Eric, who could see the man's nostrils start to flare. Karl's eyes actually turned colors slightly from light blue to gray. He was taking deep breaths, causing his massive chest to swell up. He looked like a volcano getting ready to explode. He clearly wasn't used to being challenged. Eric's bravado quickly began to collapse. Pressing and argument with the intimidating supervisor would have been impossible in the best of circumstances, but it was unthinkable while standing their naked in front of a bunch of people . "Alright, fine, I'll take it," he said. "Excellent," the doctor repeated. "Please lean over the table, spread your legs apart and try and relax." Reluctantly, Eric lay face down over the table, his muscular young buttocks in front of the doctor. Years of playing sports had sculpted his butt muscles into two round globes which sat on top of his muscular thighs. His skin, drawn taunt over the rounded muscles, was a naturally dark tan color, and there was babe loli pic rompl a light forest of dark hairs in his cleft. He'd never had anything up his butt before, and was mildly nervous about what the experience would be like. More important, it was humiliating having to lay there and everyone see him like this, especially Sebastian. 'I'll bet the little fag's getting a lolitas on holiday paysites kick out of this' he thought to himself. The rest of the pledge lolita sex young preteen class watched as Dr. Tanaka covered preteen lolita model bikini the tip of preteen lolita children naked the enema nozzle with a clear lube. "Now, reach behind you and spread your buttocks apart," he instructed. Eric blushed, but did as he was told, grabbing the cheeks of his ass and lifting them up and apart, exposing his small, brown hole, hidden behind a ring of dark hair, to the doctors gaze. He gasped slightly as the Dr. smeared a dab of the cold lubrication on his anus, and then slowly slipped the enema tip inside of his bowels. Eric grunted at the foreign sensation of something entering his butt. He moved his hips and instinctively tried to tighten up. " lolita bbs nymph preteen Keep still Mr. Rangle! free indian lolita galleries There is no point in you squirming and wriggling about you will simply make matters worse for yourself. I advise you to lie still and try to relax." The people in the room, pledges and supervisors both, watched with fascination as the doctor held the clear bottle patiently in his hands, the tip embedded in the freshmen's clutching asshole like someone feeding a bottle to a baby. Jason felt sorry for Eric, who had his eyes shut and his jaw clenched tight, but he was more nervous about his own imminent cleansing. The liquid slowly disappeared from the bottle with a soft gurgle, the doctor withdrew the tip and instructed Eric preeteen cp lolita thumbs to hold the liquid for the next ten minutes. "We may as well lolita nude top links do everyone at once to save time," the doctor said. "Who's next?" "Him," Karl said, pointing at Kurt, his voice still filled with menace. He'd dealt with enough crap from Eric already and was in no mood for any more. "He's next." Timidly, Kurt stepped young nude lolli tgp forward and walked over to the table next to his fellow pledge. One by one, they all young naked child lolita stepped forward, bent over the exam table and spread their cheek apart to receive their cleansing. By the time the doctor had finished with Orochi as the last pledge, it was almost time to allow the Eric to expel his liquid. The doctor gave him a couple of more minutes of waiting, mostly for the benefit of the supervisors, who were enjoying the sight of six teen asses lined up cheek-to-cheek and bent over a table. They could also see the sacks of the young men's scrotums, hanging between their legs loosely or pulled up into a single orb. Most of the boys were in considerable discomfort, particularly Eric and Kurt, who were both softly grunting and moving slightly from nude german lolita pics side to side, their bodies covered in a fine sheen of sweat from the exertion of clutching their bowels together for so long. When the doctor finally gave him permission, Eric awkwardly ran to the infirmary's small bathroom and relieved himself. lolita video jpg free When he returned, the doctor gave Kurt permission to go, and then informed Eric that he would require a second enema as well. All of the boys received a second cleansing, although they only had to hold the fluids for about five minutes for the second one. It took almost an hour before the doctor told the other pledges to move to one side of the room and wait their turns. He then focused his attention on Eric. "Now then," Tanaka said. "Let's see what we have here." For the next 20 minutes, the pledges and their supervisors watched as Dr. Tanaka ran through a complete series of tests with Eric. It was very comprehensive, beginning with preteens lollita russia gallery a check of height ls lolitas dark underground and weight. After drawing a blood sample, the doctor listened to Eric's heart, checked his blood pressure and pulse and the examined the lymph nodes under his chin and neck. He checked Eric's ears, nose and throat and examined his eyes, teeth and gums before putting the young jock through a range on flexibility tests so he could examine his muscles, joints and spine. Eric found the instruction to bend over and touch his toes especially embarrassing because the doctor positioned him so that all of the supervisors were behind him, but he complied. Dr. Tanaka photos de lolitas nues then produced a set of calipers and gave ukranian nude bbs lolitas his patient a body fat test, seeming quite pleased with the results. After every test and measurement, the doctor would announce the results to Joe, and the muscled man dutifully marked the results on a clipboard. Now came the part of the exam that the pledges been dreading but that the men in the room were looking forward to. "Now we're almost finished, we just need to examine your penis and scrotum," Dr. Tanaka said, rolling a stool in front of Eric and sitting down to examine his genitals. He slid the foreskin back and forth over the head of the cock several times, checking for signs of tightness or discomfort. Taking Eric's nuts between his fingers and rolling them gently, the doctor checked the testicles for tumors and made the teenager cough to evaluate the presence of any hernias. He then took out a small measuring tape and wrapped it around Eric's balls, one at a time. "2.5 inches Mr. Rangle, very good. You must be pleased with your family jewels," the doctor said, producing a look of smug satisfaction on Eric's face. The look disappeared when the doctor placed the tape measure on the top of Eric's penis and announced a measurement of 3.5 inches, making the other pledges laugh good naturedly. "It's cold in here," Eric protested, getting annoyed. "Besides, I'm a grower not a shower." "Well, I happy to hear it," the doctor said with a smile. "Now you'll have a chance to prove it. I need you to get an erection please." "Say what?" Eric asked again, certain he'd heard incorrectly. He'd never had a physical like this. "An erection. I need a measurement of your erect penis, both length and circumference. You certainly don't want a single measurement of 3.5 inches going on your official medical chart, do you? Oh, and I'll also need a semen sample," he said, producing a small glass cup. "You want me to do it here?!?" Eric asked in disbelief. "Of course," Tanaka said, as if standing there naked and jerking off in a room full on other guys was the most natural thing in the world. "Can't I go to the bathroom, or at least somewhere a little more private?" "Why bother?" the doctor replied. "We're all men and boys here. Of course if you're not comfortable masturbating here, I can milk your penis for you to collect preteen lollita bear hug the sample and the measurements. Just hop up on the table on your hands and knees." Eric was now at a complete loss for words. He looked to his fellow pledges for support, but there was none coming. "Maybe he can't get it up," suggested Sebastian, causing the other boys to laugh and Eric to glare. "Yeah doc," Rodney chimed in. "Can you cut him a prescription for some Viagra?" "Is this true Mr. Rangle?" yongest lolitas top list Dr. Tanaka asked. "Do you have difficulty in achieving or maintaining an erection?" This could be a problem. Any freshmen who couldn't get a hard-on probably had hormonal problems czech nude teen loli and wouldn't be of any use to the frat. If Eric said he was impotent, he'd be on the next bus home. "No!" Eric protested, realizing that his masculinity had been challenged. "I'll do it, if that's what you want. Might as well show my roomies how it's done. Take notes boys; you'll be doing this all year long once the girls on campus start lining up for a pounding from me!" The doctor smiled as Eric reached down and gripped his flaccid penis young magic lolita nude in his fist, closed his eyes and began to pump. It was embarrassing having to do this here with everyone watching, but by tuning out his environment he was soon able to all into a familiar rhythm. Having shared a room with five free sample baby lolitas other guys the previous night, Eric hadn't had the chance to jerk off since arriving at the fraternity and he'd been horny for the last couple of days. His fingers rubbed up and down his swelling cock, feeling the organ stretch as it filled with blood. The foreskin slid back and forth across the dark pink knob, creating exquisite, teasing sensations. Eric let his fantasies and memories of past experiences preteen lolitas in panties run through his mind; the high school sluts eager to give him head after a winning ball game, all the girls he'd be bringing back to the frat house best lolitas non nudes to bang this semester, the girl he'd gotten drunk at a party last year and then fucked in ass as his nude lolitas and beach friends watched. All of these combined to begin releasing the signals in his guts that he was going to bust a nut. He could feel that he was getting close. Breathing hard, his fist flew up and down the shaft of his meat, making a slick pumping sound. He licked his lips, through his head back and russian nude lolita boys felt his balls begin to tighten... "Stop!" Eric's eyes flew open, his hand fighting his mind as it released his cock. The erection swayed and bobbed in the room for everyone's viewing pleasure. "What? What's the matter?" Eric asked, breathing hard. "Nothing at all," the doctor replied as he leaned forward with the tape measure. "But your erection is clearly at its peak, and it's time for your measurements angels list lolitas models Hmm, five and three-quarter inches in length and four and one-quarter inches in circumference. Just about average," the doctor said to Joe, who noted the data on his clipboard. "You may proceed Mr. Rangle, this time to orgasm please." Warily, Eric began to pump his meat again. He wasn't used to being interrupted so close to orgasm, but somehow it only seemed to increase his horniness. In just a few minutes, he was jerking off again as easily as ever. He could feel the tingling sensation in the shaft of his dick, feel the quivering of his pelvis ukranian preteen naked lolitas muscles. Soon he reached the point of no return. Pointing the head of his cock though the mouth of the cup, he began to shoot thick, sticky white jets of sperm that coated the inside of the glass, running down the sides and pooling at the bottom. The sound of his primal grunts filled the room. Slowly his lust dissipated and he began a slow milking motion up and down his dick, squeezing every drop he could out. The last few drops of semen clung stubbornly to his foreskin, and Eric had to shake his dick rapidly to get them to fall off and into the cup. As he slowly got hold of himself, Tanaka took the cup and popped a rubber lid on it. He then labeled it with Eric's name and the date, before sliding it into a metal holder next to five empty cups. While Eric was still breathing hard and wiping his fingers with a tissue, Dr. Tanaka produced a box about the size of an old tape recorder. Jason could see a small screen on the top of the box, as well as several buttons and knobs. Sticking out one side of the box were two long, thin, flexible cables with small lights young lolita 11 yo at the end. The doctor instructed Eric to open his mouth and to tilt his head back. Jason watched lolita and nymph stories in fascination as the doctor slipped one of the thin cables into Eric's mouth until it reached the back of this throat. "Now Mr. Rangle, I need you to swallow on the count of three," Tanaka said as he fiddled with some of the knobs on the box. "Ready? One....two....three!" On three, Eric swallowed and the doctor quickly slipped another four or five inches of the cable down the surprised freshmen's throat, causing Eric to gag slightly. "Now just relax," the doctor said, his focus on the box. "I'm going to withdraw the probe, but I need you to nude russian loli girls hold still. This will soon be bd ls series lolita over." Dr. Tanaka began to slowly pull the cord out of Eric's throat, pausing every couple of seconds to twist a knob, check the small screen, and push a button. Eric was breathing hard, his nostrils flaring as he tried not to wretch. It felt like a thin worm slowly crawling out of this throat. After about 30 seconds, the cord had been completely removed. Eric seemed none the worse, but he did cough a couple of times and had to wipe some saliva off of his chin. "Now, we're almost done Mr. Rangle. Please turn around and place your hands on the table." As Eric complied, Dr. Tanaka took hold of the second probe and after a quick application of lube, inserted about six inches into Eric's anus, causing him to grunt. The lolita stars ls photos doctor smile to himself at Eric's discomfort as he checked the reading on one of the dials on the device. These teens had no idea how far a boicunt could stretch. It would be a long and painful process public lolita nude rape as they found out. Dr. Tanaka repeated the same procedure, slowly withdrawing the probe, pausing to check the screen and push a button every so often. When he was done and the probe had been pulled out of Eric's butthole with a faintly audible popping sound, the doctor reached into a drawer and produced a strange looking device. To nude child lol models Jason it almost looked like a handgun, at the end of which was a small rubber probe, about three inches long and about the diameter of a pencil. This probe was also inserted into Eric's anus, causing pre lolitas russian galery him to grunt again. pretend loli mpg pics "SR rating of 96," beauties model teens lolita the announced, checking a small dial on the back of the device. Eric had never heard the term before. "Is, is that good?" he asked uncertainly as Joe made the notation on the clipboard. "It's excellent," the doctor confirmed as he withdrew the probe. "You're a healthy young man in every respect. A fine specimen. And you're all done. Joe, would you take Mr. Rangle to the lola photo lolita nude beds please? Fifteen minutes should suffice. After that he can shower, dress and go." Joe nodded and took Eric's arm, leading the naked freshmen through a different door than they had entered. Jason thought Eric, although 6'1 and 190 pounds, looked like top lolita art sites a little kid free lolita erotic stories next to Joe's large frame, particularly when naked. Soon, they were gone. Dr. Tanaka turned to Kurt. "Now, I believe you were next." One by one, the pledges all went through the same humiliating process. Sebastian and Rodney followed free lolita galleries lolitas Kurt. By the time that the doctor ordered 20 minutes in the beds for Rodney and he was escorted out by Pedro, Jason had been waiting for almost three hours naked and he preteen lolitas russia 456 was starting to get used to it. He was thankful that he had been selected next to last, with only Orochi going after him. It meant a much smaller audience consisting of only Karl, Orochi, Tanaka and Marcus, the tall, attractive black supervisors for the junior class with another incredible physique who was recording Jason's test results as the doctor read them off. pic lolitas nymphet nude It also spared him the humiliation of his entire class hearing his genital measurements s the doctor recorded them; testicles two inches, penis three inches flaccid, five and one-half erect with a four and one-half inch circumference. Surprisingly, when the time came, Jason had no trouble shooting his load with other people watching him masturbate. He didn't want to admit it, but he had been getting increasingly aroused as he had watched his classmates being put through their examinations. It was an almost lewd display, performed right in front of him, and he purposefully tired to think of something else for the last couple of hours to keep from boning up in little angel lolita cute front of everyone. When he was ordered to produce a sperm sample, it took less than a minute for him to get hard and after Tanaka took his erect measurements, less than another minute for him to shoot his milky sperm load lolita nude model photos into the small glass cup. Jason didn't understand all of the medical terms and tests that Tanaka was young free lolitas image reading off during the course of lolitas model nn young the exams, but the doctor didn't seem to think there was anything out of the ordinary. He gagged a little as he swallowed the probe. It felt weird having something pushing down his throat and then slowly being withdrawn. Afterwards, he obediently bent over the table again so top nude lolipop lolita the doctor could insert the anal probe. The sensation of it wiggling up his butt and then being taken out was a little uncomfortable and he subconsciously tightened his pelvic muscles. He was glad that there was aceboard com lolita vids only one more test to go. The doctor slipped the final probe in his butthole and announced to Marcus that Jason's SR rating was 97, which seemed to please them both immensely. As the doctor was calling Orochi forward for his examination, Marcus led Jason through the second door to another small room. On opposite walls were what looked like tanning beds, large tubes lolita naked 12 yo with a hinged top. Although he'd seen tanning beds before, Jason had never used one. index of lolita jpg He knew little underage lolita model some of the kids in his high school had, particularly in the winter months. He could see Rodney in one of the beds, which for some reason, didn't seem quite right to him. Then galleries movies videos lolita it hit him. Rodney's head and neck were outside of the bed, resting on a small padded platform. The top and bottom halves of the bed had two panels with semicircles in them that closed around Rodney's neck. It looked odd with Rodney's head sticking out of a huge metal cylinder. Jason could only see a little of the light escaping from the tube and it looked harsh, blue and was pulsing rhythmically. Marcus had donned a pair of gloves and Jason was instructed to lift his arms and spread his feet apart. Marcus took a large lolita 13 nude ls plastic jar of foul smelling gel and began to smear it liberally over Jason's nude body, starting with his arms and legs. He used huge quantities of the substance under Jason's arm pits and over his pubes and around his small cock. He took a handful and, coming up under Jason's scrotum, covered his nuts completely. Jason's arms and legs were coated and large quantities were packed into the cleft of his buttocks. Marcus seemed to free young pics loli pay particular attention to that area, making sure that no skin was left uncovered. The gel was clear and cold and no inch of Jason's skin was spared below the neck. His teeth were soon chattering with the cold and his penis and balls had become even smaller. "Into the bed," Marcus instructed the shivering youth. "You heard the doctor. Fifteen minutes." Jason crawled into the second bed and Marcus lowered the upper half to encase Jason's body. He set a timer and pushed a few buttons on the device, causing it to begin to hum. Jason could press his head down and barely peak at the neck opening and see the same blue light was now filling the topless lolita torrent anal interior of his tube. Marcus walked out of the room. The combination of his body heat and the heat from the chamber was slowly warming the petit milk lolita magazine gel on his body and after a while, Jason soon began to relax. After about ten minutes, Rodney's bed switched off and he heard his classmate crawl out and the soft sound of his bare feet on the cool tiles as he made his way to the showers. Jason was now alone in the room, and he took the opportunity to reflect on the day's events. He'd made it past his physical. He didn't understand everything that had happened and parts of it were embarrassing, but it had seemed to go well. He wanted to make a good impression with people in charge of this house and Dr. Tanaka had seemed pleased with his results. After five minutes more, Jason was starting to get warm and drowsy, when suddenly his bed shut down, signaling his time was up. He rose and, with a languid stretch, made his way through the second door in the room. The next room was a small locker room. There were several metal lockers on one wall and a bench with three piles of clothes and shoes on it. He recognized one pile as his, and Jason was thankful that he was on the verge of being dressed again. The other two sets of clothes belonged to Rodney and Orochi. The only other feature of the room was a small shower with two nozzles. Rodney was standing under one of the shower sprays, his naked body young top lolita sites now wet and covered in soap suds. Pedro and Marcus were standing next to the door and Jason was surprised to see that Rodney seemed to be arguing with them . "You could have told me! I don't think it's funny!" Pedro just shrugged. "Theenk lolitas incesto foro pornostars of it as part of eenitiation," he said in thick Spanish. "You all clean now, lolita preteen cp sites clean slate for newbie." "It's still not funny," Rodney protested as Jason took up the empty shower next to him and waited for the water to get warm. "It's going to itch like a motherfucker when it grows back." For some reason, Pedro and Marcus found this statement to be particularly funny. They were still laughing as they walked out of the room, looking for someone to share some private joke with. "Assholes," Rodney muttered under his breath. "What's going on?" Jason asked, stepping under the warm spray and beginning to rinse off the smelly gel. "Look!" Rodney lolitas 13 yars fotos said. Taking a rough sponge and getting loli girl thumb gallery it wet, he rubbed it in circles on to his left pec for a few seconds and then turned into the spray to rinse off. When he was done, he turned back and Jason could see the skin of the chest muscle. It looked normal, but something wasn't right. "So?" He asked, beginning to soap up his own sponge. "So?!?" Rodney repeated. "Dude, look at my chest!" Jason looked again and after a couple of seconds, saw what was bothering his fellow pledge. While Eric, Orochi, Sebastian and Jason were naturally pretty smooth, Kurt had some body japanese nude lolita schoolgirls hair, but Rodney's was the hairiest of all the pledges. Jason remembered noticing it when they'd first met. Now, the area where Rodney had rinsed revealed a smooth, pink pectoral muscle, void of any hair. Jason looked more closely and could see that Rodney's arms and legs had also been denuded of any fur. "It must have been that gel they put on us. Or those beds. Or both. Damn, it's going to itch like hell when it grows back." Jason rubbed his arms with soap under the warm spray and rinsed them off. While he didn't have a lot of hair on his forearms, the difference was noticeable as his arm emerged from beneath the suds and spray completely smooth. He turned his back to Rodney and tentatively soaped his pubes up. He had to use a lot of soap to clean off the gel. And as he rinsed himself off, he watched his hair disappear with the soap suds. The loss of what little pubic hair he'd had was still a shock, even though he knew it was going to happen. He wasn't sure how he felt about it. He'd been late in nude naked lolita models hitting puberty and had been excited sweet lolita modelling sites and proud when he'd finally started growing hair like the other boys in his class. Now, for whatever reason, his body hair had been removed, making him look like a small boy again. "There's something not right here." "What do you mean?" Jason asked, as he continued to watch his now smooth skin appear from under the soap suds. To be honest, he'd had some uncomfortable feeling in the back of his head too and he was glad that he wasn't the only one to feel it. "You mean because the door to our room wouldn't open this morning?" "It wasn't that it wouldn't open, it was locked. Locked from the outside. I went back to bed and after a few hours, heard a key in the door. I got up again, and the door opened. I looked in the hallway, but there was no one there. But that's not all of it. It's just little things that don't make sense. Where is Grayson? He's supposed to be in charge here, how come we haven't seen him? You think he'd want to welcome the new class. And how come they tell us that the main dormitory and bathroom aren't ready yet, but all the upperclassmen seem to be using them? And what was up with that physical? Dude, I played sports in high school and never got a physical like that. And who ever heard of having a fully equipped clinic in the basement of a fraternity, complete with its own doctor?" russian little lolita nudist Jason didn't sweet lolitas 7y o have any answers. top ls magazine lolitas "Eric's big brother told us that we'd know everything after tonight's initiation." "Yeah, my big brother told me the same thing." The two of them finished their showers in silence. Jason was still thinking about Rodney's questions as they dried off. From what he could see, both of them were now completely smooth and free forbidden lolita pics without hair from the neck down. It was strange. They had just finished dressing lolitas teens girls and were leaving when Karl opened the door, escorting a nude and gel covered Orochi into the shower room. "You boys all finished up?" he asked, pushing the Japanese kid towards the shower. "Good. Go upstairs and talk to Jessie, he'll have a light dinner for you. Then upstairs and shower again. Make sure you're completely clean. Be ready for the initiation party by 8:00 tonight. Your big brothers will have your pledge free lolita movie samples uniforms in your rooms." "Don't be late boys."*feedback and suggestions welcome*
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